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Neurolanguage Coaching® for English Learning

Neurolanguage Coaching®

As your neurolanguage coach® (registered US and European trademark in the name of Rachel Marie Paling), I will help you gain awareness on how your brain works so that we can build the ideal conditions to find your optimal state of learning. This teaching method is based on brain-based coaching and neuroscience in order to ensure brain connections that will form long term memory. The sessions encompass an individual needs analysis and address personal aspects such as confidence, comfort, motivation, and satisfaction.


Personalized Sessions

Have classes specially tailored to meet your needs and interests. Every lesson is carefully planned based on what you want to learn.

1 hour / $45,00

Conversation Practice

45 minutes of conversation, focusing on your communicative skills.

45 minutes / $25,00

Test Preparation

Learn all the strategies that you need to be successful in the TOEFL/TOEIC test.

1 hour / $40,00

Join us!

Michelle, Product Manager

I can travel abroad and feel more confident now. Fernanda is patient, organized, and very empathetic! She really cares about my improvement and my interests and makes the class really fit me.

Andala, Journalist

Once I thought I’d never understand English, but Fernanda was always there to prove me the contrary, to tell me that I would make it. In the biggest challenge of my life, working for the North American TV channel NBC during the Rio 2016 Olympics, I used all her teachings.

Diogo, Prototype Application Engineer

I was exhausted of trying to learn English in conventional schools and I decided to try to learn with a different methodology to learn faster. Now, I see my improvement when I start conversations or when I need to ask questions in my work. I see a better improvement in my English in a short time.

Carla, Finance Manager

Before studying with Fernanda, speaking English was as a nightmare. Now I can talk in English with anyone, in any place, about anything."

Debora, Economist

I started my sessions 2 years ago and since then I could observe that I feel more confident and encouraged to talk during my trips. Fernanda looks for subjects of my interest, ask questions to know what I want to learn in our class and I need to give her my self-valuation weekly.

Natalia, Geologist

The sessions are always interesting because Fernanda lets me decide the topics and exercises I want to do and gives me many options/ideas to improve my language with daily tasks.

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